Re: DXKeeper 14.3.6 is available

Dave AA6YQ

Thanks for sending me the errorlog and your log file, Merv. They exposed two defects in DXKeeper 14.3.6:

1. the DXCC Progress Report function doesn't tolerate a QSO with an invalid date

2. when the DXCC Progress Report function encounters an error (like a QSO with an invalid date), it doesn't gracefully recover,
requiring the user to restart DXKeeper

Both of these defects are corrected in the next version of DXKeeper, which will ignore any QSO with an invalid date.

Your log contains two QSOs, all of whose items are blank. These are what triggered the defects described above. To find them, filter
the Log Page Display with the SQL expression


(those are two back-to-back single apostrophes)

To do that,

1. paste the above SQL expression into the textbox in the Filter panel at the bottom of the Main window's "Log QSOs" tab

2. with the mouse cursor in the Filter panel textbox, depress the CTRL key while striking the S key

The first of your empty QSOs will be selected. Delete it by clicking Delete button above the Log Page Display. Then click in the
other empty QSO and click the Delete button to remove it.

You'll now be able to run the DXCC Progress Report function.

Stephan NN4X, your errorlog indicates a similar problem, though the QSOs in question may have invalid as opposed to "empty" dates as
Merv's did. Click the Filter panel's Broke button to find them.

Merv, you can't use the Filter panel's Broke button to find your two broken QSOs because DXKeeper considers most of your QSOs to be
broken. Why? Because you have a "My QTH" defined, but most of your QSOs don't specify a "My QTH ID". You can update them all "en
masse" using the "Modify QSOs" panel at the bottom of the Main window's "Log QSOs" tab; be sure to backup your log before you do

Since the defects in DXKeeper 14.3.6 are relatively easy to work around, I will wait another day or two to see if any additional
defects are reported before making a public release bearing the defect corrections. If this is problematic for anyone, let me know
and I will immediately make a corrected version of DXKeeper available to you.


Dave, AA6YQ

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Downloaded the new version,  all went fine,  DXkeeper ran ok,  until I tried to do "Check Progress"  "progress DXCC"  and it locks
up, have to shut down DXkeeper.
Restart and it works fine except it locks up on trying to do DXCC progress, It will run "real time DXCC" ok.
Have rebooted etc to try and clean out everything,  no change.

Also noticed I randomly get errors when running WSJT-X / JT-Alert, the error mentions it cannot log the QSO,  but after a short time
if I check the log the QSO has been logged.

I reverted back to the previous version of DXKeeper and all is fine again.
Perhaps its just my computer or some setting I have wrong.
Thought I would mention it as it just started after the update.
Thanks 73 Merv K9FD




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