Re: DXKeeper 14.3.6 is available



Downloaded the new version,� all went fine,� DXkeeper ran ok,� until
I tried to do "Check Progress"� "progress DXCC"� and it locks up, have
to shut down DXkeeper.
Restart and it works fine except it locks up on trying to do DXCC progress,
It will run "real time DXCC" ok.
Have rebooted etc to try and clean out everything,� no change.

Also noticed I randomly get errors when running WSJT-X / JT-Alert, the error
mentions it cannot log the QSO,� but after a short time if I check the log
the QSO has been logged.

I reverted back to the previous version of DXKeeper and all is fine again.
Perhaps its just my computer or some setting I have wrong.
Thought I would mention it as it just started after the update.
Thanks 73 Merv K9FD

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