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there are no licensing issues, the JT mode protocols are in the public domain and there is no barrier, other than competence and time, to developers writing their own applications that encode and decode these modes. It is an unfortunate fact that the current alternative implementations are knock offs using the source code of WSJT and WSJT-X, usually without even asking the permission of the original authors. They can do this within the terms of the GPL license that those programs are developed under so long as they themselves also release strictly under the same license but nothing stops a closed source developer writing encoders and decoders so long as they do not refer to the existing implementations in any way when implementing their alternative (

If I were to take a "next step", it would likely be to extend WinWarbler to directly interoperate with WSJT-X so that a "Broadband Decode" window showing all active JT-mode stations could be presented, color-coded by need and LoTW/eQSL participation. Doing this would in no way violate GPL, but out of courtesy I would still seek approval from the K1JT team before proceeding.

Dave, AA6YQ

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