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Gilbert Baron W0MN

In most cases the SSD does not do that much. Boot time and App load times will drop and maybe drop dramatically but execution of the program will often see little or no improvement.


SSD choice depends on what interface you have. If you do not have a fast interface then the improvement may not be worth the cost.



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I know it’s somewhat off-topic, but the collective experience here has helped me out many times. 


I am running my radio software on an off-lease Lenovo small form factor desktop. It is an i5 and runs DXLabs but is a little slow. 


After a W10 update broke the on-board video that was running multiple monitors I considered replacing it but instead I installed a new video card and it is running three monitors again. 


I’m considering adding a SSD to it. I have a 240 GB SSD that was used in a laptop but I see newer EVO ones that might be a better choice. 


What have folks here done?  Clone the hard drive and swap the SSD in, or add the SSD as a second drive and run DXLabs off of the SSD, leaving W10 on the original?


73 de Chuck, WS1L 


Chuck Chandler

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