Sorta OT: SSD upgrade

Chuck, WS1L

I know it’s somewhat off-topic, but the collective experience here has helped me out many times. 

I am running my radio software on an off-lease Lenovo small form factor desktop. It is an i5 and runs DXLabs but is a little slow. 

After a W10 update broke the on-board video that was running multiple monitors I considered replacing it but instead I installed a new video card and it is running three monitors again. 

I’m considering adding a SSD to it. I have a 240 GB SSD that was used in a laptop but I see newer EVO ones that might be a better choice. 

What have folks here done?  Clone the hard drive and swap the SSD in, or add the SSD as a second drive and run DXLabs off of the SSD, leaving W10 on the original?

73 de Chuck, WS1L 

Chuck Chandler

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