FT-8 and Commander

Chuck, WS1L

I’m a new user of FT-8, so this may be something simple I’m missing.  I’m running WSJTX, JTAlert, DXLabs and an Elecraft K3S controlled via USB. 


Yesterday WSJTX one time did not change bands on the rig – it indicated the new band on WSJT and on Commander, but the rig did not change.  Commander threw up an error log, Dave I will send that to you when I get home tonight.  A few times after that it happened again, but I just terminated Commander and WSJTX and restarted them to get them to play nice.  I haven’t had it occur often enough to pinpoint the conditions that make it happen yet. 


As I said, this may be something simple I haven’t read up on yet – I’m going over the Getting Started with K1JT modes page.  I do know that my WSJTX Test CAT and Test TX buttons both work, though the Test CAT button does take a while to turn green. 


73 de Chuck, WS1L


Chuck Chandler



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