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Where does DXKeeper get the SP DX and LP DX info from?

It computes the short-path or long-path distance between your QTH and your QSO partner's QTH based on your location, your QSO partner's location (as specified by the QSO's latitude and longitude items, which can be computed from a grid square), and the QSO's "Ant Path" item.
I like to log the distance of a contact and when using JTAlert its sends the distance to DXKeeper and it gets logged. Using other programs like fldigi it does not send the distance to DXKeeper and the distance does not get logged. I also noticed that the distance is different depending on which program you are using. Is there any way to use the distance in DXKeeper as the default when logging a QSO?

Yes. See


Dave, AA6YQ

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