Re: DXLab and Linux Wine

Jerald Volpe

Thanks, very good information. Gives me a research path.

I haven't used Linux since I retired. I had entire server farms running Linux and BSD and a number of workstations, but that was in a professional environment. I guess it was the lack of Linux ham radio software that kept me from using Linux for my hobby. I often thought about writing software for the hobby, but life kept getting in the way. Anyway, I am getting increasingly frustrated with Microsoft products... mainly their forced updates and the mischief they can cause.

I find that I am not 'sampling' so many programs these days. Pretty much running a select few. I'd already have switched over to a Linux distro but my SSD isn't large enough for two environments.

I do, however, see a time coming when there will be a lot more Linux program development. I have friends that run their stations using WINE already.

It was good to hear your success with DXLab in a VM environment. Now I am wondering if anyone has figured out a way to use a microHam Keyer II under Linux... a big piece of the puzzle here.

Thanks again.
Jerry, KG6TT

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