DXKeeper - LOTW interaction



I experienced the following:

1. I requested a new TQSL certificate since mine was about to expire.  I received the corresponding e-mail however I did not realize the new certificate had arrived. 

2. I uploaded 2 QSOs to LOTW using my old certificate and they did not appear in LOTW

3. I then realized that my new certificate had arrived, loaded it into TQSL and attempted to upload the QSOs again.  I received the following error message:

TQSL Version 2.3.1 [v2.3.1]
Signing using Callsign AJ4F, DXCC Entity UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

All QSOs are duplicates; aborted
No records to upload
Final Status: No QSOs written (8)

4. I did not see the TQSL window open that allowed me to make a selection to upload duplicate QSOs.  Is this behavior correct?

5. I exported the QSOs to an adi file and successfully uploaded them with TQSL.  I received the message regarding submission of duplicates, answered YES and they were processed.

Robie - AJ4F

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