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I seem to remember you talking about it before and you probably posted info about the upgrade back then.  I just don't remember.  This summer has been a bit hectic too.

Thanks for the info.



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Does that mean they have upgraded/added more servers to better handle the load?   I'm getting old and forgetful, but I seem to recall such an effort being in the works.

>>>The component of LoTW that processes uploaded QSOs, referred to as the “LoTW Server”, was significantly updated; part of this effort included replacing a database engine interface implemented with a proprietary C++ API with one implemented in ODBC – an industry standard. This first stage has roughly doubled the rate at which uploaded QSOs can be processed. It was deployed to production back in early August. Performance will increase further when the database engine is upgraded, an action previously prevented by the dependency on the C++ API.


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