Re: Slow Response with Win10

Dave AA6YQ

So you now know that firewall and anti-malware configuration was not the issue.


Now that you’ve eliminated the memory hogs, how long is it taking for Commander’s Main window to appear on-screen after you start it?




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That is how my settings in WinWarbler are set too. 


I went up to the site where I have the remote computer/radio because when I did Ctrl-Alt-Delete, it was activating my computer at the house. I went into safe mode and brought up DXLabs, and it wasn't recognizing the COM Port, but the apps seemed to load about the same. I went into Task Manager and there were a couple of programs in there that I did some research on and determined they were nothing but memory hogs. Once disabled, I rebooted and the apps are now running much faster. So, maybe the issue is fixed. 


Next step in setting up DXLabs the way I liked when I used it a couple of years ago was to load different macros that help control my radio. That's going to be very useful now that the rig is remote. I need to be able to adjust the power easily for one thing. 


Thanks Dave as always for your help, and the other replies and hints too.


73 Scott


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