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I have 6 Meter VUCC with 257 grids on 6 meters and I want to update my award to include grids confirmed since my application. In looking at my log all of the existing 257 grids are shown as Confirmed in DXKeeper. What is the process to record the grids for which i have received VUCC credit in DXKeeper. I realize that i can do it manually, but is there an automated method?

>>>The ARRL does not provide a programmatic interface by which DXKeeper can obtain your VUCC award credits.

>>>If you use DXKeeper to assemble and submit a submission, then when your application is approved, you can with one click update the "VUCC vfy" item of each QSO in the submission to 'V', meaning "VUCC award credit granted". Otherwise, you must manually set "VUCC vfy" to 'V' for a QSO to which VUCC credit has been granted.


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