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I'll review the suggested articles later today, going to work now.

Regarding duplicate QSOs, that has happened. I deleted everything, and started from scratch. I enabled the duplicate import range to +/-15 minutes, and it prevented the creation of duplicate QSO the second time around.

Was this the proper/intended use of the duplicate import range option?

The only reason to download QSOs from LoTW and imported the resulting file into your log is if you are replacing lost QSOs and have no better source of "backup" information; LoTW only maintains a small subset of the information in each QSO; see

DXKeeper's Import operation means "add QSOs from the imported ADIF file into the log, unless duplicate checking is enabled (in which case suppress the import of duplicate QSOs)".
When you imported QSOs downloaded from LoTW with duplicate checking enabled, no QSOs were imported unless there are QSOs in LoTW no longer present in your log. If, for example, you uploaded a QSO with P5DX on 40m CW, later released that you made the QSO on 20m (not 40m), changed your logged QSO from 40m to 20m, and resubmitted the logged QSO to LoTW, post-import your log would contain QSOs with P5DX on both 40m and 20m (because LoTW retained both QSOs).
Thus if possible, I suggest that you
1. export an ADIF file containing all of the QSOs in your log (just in case)

2. "delete everything and start from scratch"

3. if you've logged new QSOs since you switched logging applications, you can recover them from the ADIF file you exported in step 1; let me know if this is the case, and I'll explain now.

To update existing QSOs with acceptance and confirmation status from LoTW, one uses DXKeeper's "Sync LoTW QSOs" and "Sync LoTW QSLs" operations respectively. These operations direcdt LoTW to download QSOs and QSLs; then they inspect each downloaded QSO or QSL and use that information to update the QSOs in your log. The articles I previously cited explain how to use these functions. There's an analogous capability for eQSL.

Dave, AA6YQ

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