Re: Clearing legacy QSL confirmation info.

Dave AA6YQ

OK. You're missing information about QSOs accepted by and confirmed by LoTW. To rectify this, please follow these instructions:


Depending upon the number of QSOs and QSLs you have in LoTW, steps 4 and 5 can be lengthy; you might invoke each before retiring for the day.


Dave, AA6YQ

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I don't have an 'original' exported file from Logger 32. Looking at what was imported into DXKeeper, I see the following fields only:


Thanks and 73.

Vince, VA3VF

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Another question. I hope it's ok to send a new message, instead of combining multiple questions in one message.

>>>All questions are welcome here, in whatever format or stle you chose to ask them.

I moved to DXKeeper from Logger32. In those days I kind of kept paper QSL and eQSL send and receive status. I'm only interested in LOTW confirmations these days. How can I clean up the old send/receive status imported from Logger32?

>>>ADIF defines three fields to convey QSL status:

QSL_RCVD - for QSL cards

LOTW_QSL_RCVD - for LoTW confirmations

LOTW_eQSL_RCVD - for eQSL confirmations

>>>Does the ADIF file you exported from Logger32 and imported into DXKeeper contain information in any of these fields?


Dave, AA6YQ

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