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Looking at the "Enhancement Logs" for PropView, it appears that number 35 is exactly what I'm talking about. I noticed that it's the last entry, not sure if it's a coincidence, or you added/re-arranged it there.

That entry has been there for several years.
In my opinion, displaying DXView's world map with "brightness" indicating propagation, gives a more pleasing/wholesome experience, and an immediate visual answer/indication to what one is looking for propagation wise. Also, one less maximized window on limited monitor space, until and unless more detailed propagation information is sought.

Thanks; I now understand what you're seeking, and why.
Assuming you have SpotCollector's "Lookup missing location info" option enabled, and DXView's world map configured to show both active DX stations, spotting stations, and the paths between them, try this:
1. on the "Plot Settings" tab of DXView's Configuration window, check boxes in the "Scan DX Bands" panel for the bands you use, check the ann box, and set the dwell box to 2

2. On DXView's Main window, click the "Scan DX" button


Dave, AA6YQ

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