Two Factor Authentication

eddy on5jk

Hallo Dave,
Concerning the Two Factor Authentication (2FA or TFA), i received  the answer from
Normaly one is Logging-in somewhere with Callsign and Password.
Callsign is the Username, Password is < one Factor Authentication>.
In order to avoid the rising number of “Identity theft” , there is the possibility to use the “ Two Factor Authentication ” to log in at QRZ.
That means, that next to the Password another –very personal  fact or name- is used for Authentication.
Seems that more and more “tokens” are used to deliver the personal Second Factor.
One can get a free “30 days trial”. That means you will  have to pay for that extra  security logging in to QRZ.
I guess that it probably will not work with Pathfinder.
Personaly, today the whole DXLabSuite works fine to me.
I will not subscribe to the TFA.
Eddy ON5JK


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