Re: Two issues I've never seen before


Hi Dave,

Thank you for the prompt reply.  After making more QSOs today I think I've found a definite pattern to my problem.  Both of my problems occurred with callsigns that I worked on the FT8 mode.  What sets these FT8 contacts apart from other CW or SSB contacts is that I use WSJT-X and DXAlertX to do the logging for me.  Later today I also worked some LoTW stations on CW.  Those CW contacts have the yellow highlights in DXK.  Specifically, I worked 5A1AL by first clicking on a spot in SC.  After clicking the spot, DXV automatically populates the callsign field with 5A1AL and I can see the data in DXV is highlighted in yellow.  Likewise if I manually enter a non-spotted LoTW callsign in DXK's capture window, it will also highlight the callsign in yellow.  In conclusion, I think by using WSJT-X and DXAlertX for logging FT8 contacts, it bypasses DXLab Suite's lookup for LoTW data.  Perhaps my first issue with the SC is also related to the LoTW issue.  To test my theory I went to WSJT-X and logged a fake QSO using a callsign and a band that I picked out from a spot in SC.  SC shows this particular spot as it would be a new band for me.  Sure enough after I logged the FT8 contact the spot remained in SC.  Further, if I log the same station and same band using DXK's capture window then the spot disappears from SC immediately without delay.

Dave, I'm sure I'm not the only one having this issue.  It seems to me that anyone who is also using WSJT-X and DXAlertX would encounter the exact issue.  If you have the JT software installed on your PC I wonder if you could duplicate the simple test.  Perhaps this issue has existed my system for a while, even on JT65 contacts I have made many times previously.  I just never noticed it until today while I was making FT8 contacts.

Thanks again and hopefully you can find the source of the problem.

Jonathan W6GX

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