Two issues I've never seen before


Hi All,

Recently I upgraded several DX Lab Suite programs and brought all of the databases up-to-date.  Today I noticed two anomalies.  One is the spotted DX remain shown on SC even after I worked the DX.  I did a 'recompute' within SC and the spot disappeared.  I have automatic 'recompute' checked within SC.  In the past I recall the link between SC and DXK is instantaneous.  Once you worked a spotted DX that you need it's removed from SC's display.  The second anomaly is that I worked a couple stations that are on LoTW but their calls were not highlighted in yellow in DXK.  My database is dated Oct 8 2017.  I looked at database and both callsigns were in the LoTW database.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


Jonathan W6GX

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