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Dave AA6YQ

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Sorry for the seemingly endless questions - still getting this package figured out.

No apology required, Mike; all questions are welcome here.
I have some previously downloaded LOTW confirmation files that I would like to import into DXKeeper. My first attempt was obviously wrong as I ended up with 100% duplicates and it appears that the import wiped out the signal reports of a number of the Qs. Fortunately, I had a backup that was only a day or two old and was able to recover.

Can someone point me to the section of the manual that gives the proper way to do this or instruct me in the same?

I assume that your objective is to update your logged QSOs to reflect their acceptance and confirmation by LoTW. If so, step-by-step instructions are here:

Depending upon the number of QSOs and QSLs you have in LoTW, steps 4 and 5 can take awhile; you might want to initiate each one before retiring for the evening.
If my assumption is incorrect, please explain what you'd like to accomplish.

Dave, AA6YQ

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