Re: PSK JT & FT Not Working

Joe Subich, W4TV

You likely have one of two issues ... the wrong PTT selected or, the
wrong PTT is selected *and* the ACC2 plug is not connected correctly.

Check your PTT selection (PTT tab in microHAM USB Device Router). Make
sure FSK/DIGITAL PTT is "PTT2 (rear panel jack)".

All Kenwood transceivers require rear panel jack PTT (PTT on the ACC2
connector) in order to select the "Line In" (audio input on ACC2).

If you have recently changed cables (disconnected the plug on ACC2 and
reconnected it) - make sure the ACC2 plug is connected correctly. The
13 pin DIN plug/jack has a nasty property that is is possible to "mate"
the connections "upside down" (rotated 180 degrees). Pin 13 will enter
the key slot and the other 12 pins will all mate ... the plug will seat
at about 60% of the normal depth.


... Joe, W4TV

On 10/5/2017 3:13 PM, [dxlab] wrote:
I'd appreciate some help.
My rig is a TS-990, with a microham micoKeyer II interface. I've been using CW, SSB, RTTY, JT65, FT8, and PSK without any problems until today. I didn't make any software changes, nor did I allow any updates to be installed.
When I try to use FT8, JT65, or PSK (using WinWarbler), I'm not getting any tone output. When I select RTTY (using WinWarbler), I hear tones with the monitor turned on. PTT works correctly on all modes.
For FSK/Digital, I'm using Line Input (rear) on the microKeyer, and Line (microHAM Codec) for PSK and RTTY Reception, and Headset Earphone (microHam Codec) for Transmission in the Winwarbler configuration.
For FT8/JT modes, I selected Use Digital Settings (FSK/Digital - Line input (rear)) on the microKeyer
I've checked the settings on the sound card and microKyer, but can't figure out what would cause this problem.
I'd appreciate any suggestions as to where to look. Windows 7, all the latest DXLab modules.

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