QRZ-Hommepage for ON5CM

eddy on5jk

I do understand now the problem ON5CM has with QRZ using PF 5.2.2.
The automatic login works fine. But the first shown page is blanco.Impossible to see if one is logged-in or not.(No Call visible)
In PF 5.2.1 and earlier versions, there was not a blanco start page, but the user’s homepage. Including the blue colored zone with homecall.
By the way, Willy is a subscriber  paying contribution to QRZ.
In my blanco startpage of PF 5.2.2, the cursor is blinking in the box, as should be.
Double clicking on a spot in SC brings that Callsign in the box. (Automatic Lookup is not checked!)
Clicking QRZ on the startpage, or Lookup in the Capture, or CBA in SC works fine.
The only thing missing is his own Homepage at start-up.
Once one has done a Lookup or CBA, then the blue header appears on the QRZ page, containing the Callsign of the logged-in operator.
There one can open or modify his own homepage.
Hope it is clear now. For me PF 5.2.2 works fine, do’nt wanna see my homepage at start-up.
Eddy ON5JK

Virusvrij. www.avg.com

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