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yes, I’ve read the manual, including the full one you have to download, as the one supplied is not complete....I’ve read the wiki also.....I’m using the built in soundcard in the rig, so the ACC port is not used....

​Does the radio know you are using the USB port?

Is everything set correct in the Connectors menu?

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On Fri, Sep 8, 2017 at 7:39 PM, 'Jamie WW3S' ww3s@... [dxlab] <dxlab@...> wrote:

trying to follow the instructions on the wiki....I have audio from the radio to the pc.....I don’t have transmit audio coming into the radio....if I look at my levels in control panel, I can see the volume on the USB codec device.....I’m in USB-D mode and have the DATA MOD set to USB....I have the monitor turned ON, but no hearing the audio when the rig gets keyed down....what am I missing?
​On non-USH Icoms like my IC746Pro, selecting the "D" modes (USB-D, LSB-D, FM-D) means the audio must come in on the ACC(1) port.  The 7100 has that *and* USB audio, so I'll bet that's where you'll need to input the audio.
Have you RTFM?​

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