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Gerald Wilson

Dave AA6YQ,

I am running Pathfinder 5.2.2 on my Windows 10 machine.   I also should mention that I have the Config. says "Internet Explorer 11 emulation is consistent."  I do have selected "Hide script error notification" which is indicated in the title bar of Pathfinder.  All of the DXLab Suite has been operating excellently.  Thanks.

Over the last couple of days on, I have encountered requests to install "Certificates."  I did not allow this installation.  Yesterday as I was reading the fine print, it started opening multiple requests and Pathfinder finally stopped responding.  At first, I thought it might be some HTML in one ham's custom page which he botched.  I got Pathfinder closed ... I may have used Task Manager.

While using Pathfinder to access again today, the request for accepting a certificate occurred during my access of another callsign.  Looking around the displayed page, I noticed that one of the advertisements at the bottom of the page had a spinning graphic as if something were loading or buffering.  Occasionally the picture would appear (I believe for a fitness site).  Shortly, the ad would disappear and return to the spinning graphic.

I am wondering if this ill-behavior is due to some badly designed advertising or even something with bad intent.  I believe this kind of behavior has happened before, but it's been awhile.

I am not clicking on this certificate today or anytime soon.


   Jerry    K7VIT

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I keep getting script error messages when I use Pathfinder--- many error messages in a row! Is there a workaround for this?

>>>Yes. On Pathfinder's Configuration window,

1. the "Internet Explorer" panel's Version should be set to 11; if it's not, upgrade to Internet Explorer version 11

2. the "Internet Explorer" panel's Emulation should be set to 11; if it's not, click the "Update Emulation" button

3. check the "Hide script error notification" box near the top of the window


Dave, AA6YQ

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