OT: Windows 10 V 1703 breaks video driver

Chuck, WS1L

OK, this is WAY off topic. 


But, the collective wisdom of this list has helped me out so many times in the past…


I have my radio shack computer, a Lenovo M90P 5536.  It has a i5 processor at 3.33 GHz, and was originally W8, which I upgraded to W10.  All was well.  I have thre monitors, one on the VGA output, one on the HDMI output, and a third on a USB VGA adapter.  No problems at all, for some time.


W10 V1703 has now caused the video driver to be unusable – the Microsoft basic video driver is loaded in its place.  I can’t update the driver, as neither Intel nor Lenovo have a new driver for this older machine.


Driver rollback isn’t available, either. 


System restore only has a single restore point, after the latest Windows update.


So… the computer still works, with a single display.  No data loss or anything like that, all the functionality seems there except the external displays. 


Any suggestions? 


It may be time to replace the computer…


73 de Chuck, WS1L


Chuck Chandler



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