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I have no objection.

Robie - AJ4F

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Does anyone object to implementing Björn's proposal below: extend WinWarbler's CTRL-L keyboard shortcut to upload the logged QSO to eQSL if the "upload to when logging" option is enabled on its Configuration window's Log tab?

While my initial reaction was reluctance, his point that CTRL-L's behavior in WinWarbler is inconsistent with CTRL-L's behavior in DXKeeper is compelling.


Dave, AA6YQ

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Thanks Dave,

I respect your reluctance but ctrl-L in DXKeeper's Capture window honor the similar setting in DXKeeper's QSL config making it possible to auto-upload when you hit ctrl-L.

So in DXKeeper ctrl-L can upload automatically but in Winwarbler it can not.

I understand it has been like this for a long time but I do not really see a downside or risk of negative consequences with changing it.
People who want direct upload have it enabled in Winwarbler's Config and get it when they click "Log".
I strongly doubt anyone use the keyboard ctrl-L to consciously avoid the direct upload.


Björn SM7IUN

2017-07-26 4:30 GMT+02:00 'Dave AA6YQ' aa6yq@... [dxlab] <dxlab@...>:

>>>AA6YQ comments below

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I just found that the setting in the Log panel in Winwarbler's Config called "upload to when loggin" only applies if
you click the "Log" button and not when you use ctrl-L to log.

Is this intentional?

>>>I honestly don’t remember, Bjorn, but I suspect it was intentional, because making CTRL-L obey the "upload to when logging" option would be a trivial change.

>>>I suspect that my thinking was "if someone wants a keystroke that logs a QSO and directs DXKeeper to upload it to eQSL, they'd assemble a macro that does that".

>>>I'm thus reluctant to change the function of CTRL-L after so many years of it ignoring the "upload to when logging" option.


Dave, AA6YQ


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