eQSL.cc Automatic Mode Update - Need Advice


I just logged into eQSL.cc to fix up some unmatched calls. One of the calls I noticed used mode PSK which I thought was odd.

When I logged into eQSL.cc it notified me of a mode update apparently related to ADIF v3.0.4. I ran the program and now it looks like it is about to change a lot of what I had previously recorded. For example:

Old ModeNew ModeNew SubModeADIF Version



How is the change going to affect DXKeeper logs or matching? Should I make changes or should I abort?

I much prefer all changes be made in DXKeeper and, if possible, DXKeeper keeps online logs in sync. DXKeeper is the database of record.

I know a lot of people like to use eQSL and Club Log and some others but this concern brings me one step closer ending all those updates and sticking with LotW only. eQSL.cc seems to require a whole lot of maintenance. I mainly keep it so I can confirm SWL reports.


Kev K4VD

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