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Dear Dave,
Dear All,

My present query is about DXKeeper and the possibility of incremental updating // vs. LOTW.

I have 2 QTHs few miles away one from the other, A and B. I use in both QTHs the same callsign OD5YA, and they have the same grid square location. I have installed in each QTH the same rig: IC7300, R8 vertical, Dxlabsuite with a windows 7 professional PC. All systems work perfectly and correctly.

Suppose i have in QTH A dxkeeper 1500 qso's logged. I move for the weekend to QTHB (actually it happened this past weekend) and find out that i only have 1450 QSO's in my log because I did not update QTH B with the latest qso's. So, I work radio during the weekend and log some 210 NEW qso's from QTH B. Now I have in B 1450 + 210 =1660 qso's. I export to an ADIF (call it ADIF B)file and carry it back with me to QTH A today. If I import the ADIF B into location A (having 1500 qso's) I will be importing 1660 qso's, however the log should show  1500 + 210 = 1710 qso's because the 50 QSO i did at QTHA were not incrementally added to the imported file. In that case i will loose the 50 (incremental) QSO that were made at QTH A.


1- Is there a way to have an incremental export like only exporting the 210 QSO's I did over the week end from QTH B ? i.e. can I export only those 210 qso's by filtering the date, so that, when weekend is over and i come back to QTH A I just increase the existing QSO's by the new 210 ones only?

2- If the above 1- is not possible, what do you suggest can be done? I know that the best way is to have QTH A exported to cloud BEFORE weekend, hence all 1500 qso's are in cloud, then import into QTH B before operating and then exporting QTH B..... it is tedious and requires remembering to do that before each and every weekend.

3- When I am uploading LOTW from QTH A (i  upload LOTW from A only) I am clicking on ADD REQUESTED, it shows 244 QSO's, when I upload, it says none uploaded because of 24 qso's  duplicate. How can I detect what are those duplicate and how can I remedy DXlab upload function? please note that I exported to ADIF and uploaded from TQSL and all went perfectly well and no error was mentioned. Only when I do it from DXlab and only recently (after this QTH A and B thing started I guess !!!!)

4- When I am uploading to eQSL, no duplicate error is announced and the upload happens with no problem. I am only getting a return page saying I have some SWL qsl pending. How can I answer the SWL's? Or is it just an information that eQSL is sending me that requires no further attention from my side?

all the best and thank you for the help. I truly appreciate it.


>>>You can filter the Log Page Display by date range by using the Advanced Sorts, Filters, and Modifiers window. When you select the Main window’s Export tab with the Log Page Display Filtered, DXKeeper will ask if you want the filter removed; click the “No” button, and then initiate the Export operation.


>>>If you’re going to operate from two locations as you describe, the only reliable approach is to ensure that the system you’re about to use to log QSOs, update LoTW, print QSL cards, or process incoming QSL cards contains your “master” log file. You can move the “master” log file between systems via the cloud, or with a thumb drive. This requires discipline, but you’re more likely to execute this process reliably than by continuously exporting subsets of your log from one system to the other.


>>>eQSL support for SWL confirmations is to my knowledge not documented, and thus not supported by DXKeeper.




            Dave, AA6YQ

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