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Thanks, Dave.  All of your setting suggestions are what I have been using.  The serial cable is not the null modem type. There are no bent pins. 

The dual serial port is old.  The manufacturer was NetMos Technology.  In November 2012, NetMos was acquired by MosChip Semiconductor.  The driver number was NM9835S.  It could the 98 in the number is a reference to Windows 98? That old??  In February of this year, the company that is responsible and supplies drivers became ASIX Electronics.  Their driver number, MCS9835, is version  It is digitally signed by Microsoft Windows Compatibility Publisher.

Here's a thought.  This card was working in Windows 7.  I think it has not worked since I changed the motherboard and began using Windows 10, 64 bit.  Could it be that this old dual port card can no longer make it in the W10 environment?  This would fit your suspicion that I have a hardware problem and not a DXLab software issue.


>>>Since there are no reported but uncorrected defects in Commander, and since many ops successfully use Commander with Kenwood radios every day, it is unlikely that your situation is the result of a defect in Commander.


>>>If you have an oscilloscope, monitor the radio’s CAT port’s TX data pin to see if there’s any response to the CAT commands being sent by Commander.




             Dave, AA6YQ

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