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I would unplug both from the PC, watching device driver, then plug the 850 in to see what port it shows up on DD.

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Thanks, Bob.  Just did check the port number assignments and Device Manager tells me that this dual serial port card (now ASIX MCS9835) is assigned as ports 2 and 3.  In Device Manager, set the parameters to 4800, 8, None, 2 and no flow control.  The two ports were set at 9600.  Also re-updated the ASIX driver for this card.  No changes observed.

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May be that Windows 10 assigned a different COM port number than 2.  I have a USB to COM port adapter and when I installed a new driver the ports changed.  So might want to check that.


73, Bob KB4CL


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The IF-232C interface being used is the LCU3-K made by W1GEE.  Made for Kenwood radios.  Software must assert RTS for the TTL interface to receive power.  No other instructions.  Plug 'n play in terms of hardware.  It's the software settings that have to be right for Commander and the TS-850 to "talk".


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Concert just cancelled because of high winds in Sister Bay.  Should have some time this evening to work on my problem.


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DTR:  off

log debugging info: not checked

Still no joy.

Gotta go play with the Peninsula Symphonic Band.  Concert in Sister Bay.

Thanks for the help so far.


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dtr on - not

log debug - not



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Ports tab: Primary CAT Serial Port: COM2, 4800, 8, N, 2, DTR On, RTS On

General Tab: Kenwood, Interrogation checked, 200 ms Command interval, Scan well = 1; Ignore Mousewheel, Use multiple monitors and Log debugging info are checked

VFO A: continues to read 000,000.00. Clicking PTT TX does nothing; changing the TS-850 frequency or mode is not reflected in Commander readout; changing anything on the TS-850 is not reflected in Commander window.

No joy yet.

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You also need to set RTS on.  See dxlabwiki/TranceiverControlKenwood>.

Rich VE3KI

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Settings 8 N 2  4800
sometimes you can get them to work with a baud rate of 9600 but go to commander config and select kenwood slow.
73 Tony wa4jqs

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Would someone tell me the correct settings so that my Kenwood TS-850 and Commander will “communicate†with each other?  Using COM2 of a dual COM port card in a PCI slot.  Windows Device Manager says the drivers are up to date and the device is working.  Using a W1GEE TTL device made for the TS-850 that connects between COM2 and the ACC1 port of the TS-850.  This equipment has worked in the past.  Got a better motherboard.  Windows 10 fully updated.  Haven’t found the right permutations and combinations in the Commander Config settings to make  the Commander and the TS-850 “talk†to each other.  (Using COM3 and another W1GEE device for PTT.)  Please help!  Ed
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