Re: DXView failure to show stateside stations worked-except 6M phone.

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>>>I assume that you have the correct log open in DXKeeper. Open DXKeeper's "Realtime Award Tracking" window, select the DXCC tab, and locate the row whose "Prefix" column contains K. Are the status boxes in this row correct? If not, click the Recompute button at the bottom of the Main window's "Check Progress" tab. Does the K row now show the correct status?

-----  I have only one log:   And it is open. 

----- Yes, the K line has a V in all the boxes entity through 2 meters. 

------Went ahead with the Recompute.  Then took another look at RAT and the entries remain all marked with a V in the K prefix

------Took another try at entering K calls in dxView. 

THAT DID THE TRICK.  ALL IS NOW WORKING.   Both, entering calls into DXView manually, and clicking on

SpotCollector  results properly marking the DXView boxes. 

I had done everything yesterday, except the recompute.    

Thanks for the help Dave.  I knew I hadnt lost logs, but it was perplexing. 


QSL Bureau, DIRECT, LOTW Preferred, eQSL used but upload at a courtesy only, as do not use the system for awards.

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woe is me. Last night, just before closing down, I noticed that DXView info screen suddenly is showing only ONE mode/band indicator of having any contacts in the log when I click on a SpotCollector call. . I have a W - in the SSB box, and every other box is blank on all modes and bands. I then clicked on some 50 meters DX calls, and have a normal panel with boxes filled with C and V indications, in all bands and mode. Its only the stateside , click in SPotCollector - or typing a call in the DXView box, that fails to fill the other boxes. They all come up with a W in the 6 M phone box.


Dave, AA6YQ


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