Kenwood TS-850 and Commander settings

Ed Douglass

Would someone tell me the correct settings so that my Kenwood TS-850 and Commander will “communicate” with each other?  Using COM2 of a dual COM port card in a PCI slot.  Windows Device Manager says the drivers are up to date and the device is working.  Using a W1GEE TTL device made for the TS-850 that connects between COM2 and the ACC1 port of the TS-850.  This equipment has worked in the past.  Got a better motherboard.  Windows 10 fully updated.  Haven’t found the right permutations and combinations in the Commander Config settings to make  the Commander and the TS-850 “talk” to each other.  (Using COM3 and another W1GEE device for PTT.)  Please help!  Ed


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