Re: PF and Security Alerts

Richard B Drake

I didn't have this on either of my computers but my wife uses Explorer to play some POGO games and she did have it. I downloaded the Adware Removal Tool that Dave references below and it found 193 pieces of Adware on my wife's computer. I removed them all and it seems to be working.
73, Rich - W3ZJ

On 7/19/2017 7:19 PM, 'Dave AA6YQ' aa6yq@... [dxlab] wrote:
On my Windows 10 system, clicking the "View Certificate" button in the "Security Alert" window that pops up when I direct Pathfinder to perform a QRZ search shows that the certificate in question is issued to *

Googling btrll lead to this:


            Dave, AA6YQ

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