DXView failure to show stateside stations worked-except 6M phone.

Danny Douglas <n7dc@...>

woe is me.   Last night, just before closing down, I noticed that DXView info screen suddenly is showing only ONE mode/band indicator of having any contacts in the log when I click on a SpotCollector call. .  I have a W - in the SSB box, and every other box is blank on all modes and bands.     I then clicked on some 50 meters DX calls, and have a normal panel with boxes filled with C and  V  indications, in all bands and mode.    Its only the stateside , click in  SPotCollector - or typing a call in the DXView box, that fails to fill the other boxes.  They all come up with a W in the  6 M phone box.   

Prior to that, I have worked and confirmed with a 9 band WAS on PHONE/CW/DIGI.  Clicking on that W shows up on DXKeeper with 654 SSB total 6 meter contacts.   Looking through the logs, it appears that all my contacts are logged, all DXCC countries (343) and all 50 states (160-10 meters, and on all modes,  are counted, etc.

  No problems, except for DXView.  DXView version 4.3.2 installed.    I do not remember doing anything to DXView recently. to cause a problem there. 


QSL Bureau, DIRECT, LOTW Preferred, eQSL used but upload at a courtesy only, as do not use the system for awards.

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