Re: Icom756PROIII Commands

Peter Laws / N5UWY

On Mon, Jul 10, 2017 at 12:06 PM, Harold Kramer [dxlab] <> wrote:


I am trying to get the sliders in Commander to operate the RF Gain and AF Gain on my Icom756PROIII. I have entered the data "Commander User Slider Configuration Box" but it still does not work. I suspect that I have the setup codes wrong. Does anyone have information on how to set this up correctly?
Go to Files -> Command Sequences and Sliders -> Icom and grab some
samples. I've been playing with these on my IC-746Pro (commands are
largely similar across the Icom line) and, other than being unable to
find the "I'd like to use these next time I run Commander" check-box,
they work as advertised.

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