Re: "Local" Time issue with DXView

Peter Laws / N5UWY

On Tue, Jun 20, 2017 at 8:55 PM, 'Dave AA6YQ'
[dxlab] <> wrote:

+++ If you’d like to construct a “current location-to-DST database” from the information contained in this large set of text files, Peter, I’ll be happy to extend DXView to exploit it.

A most generous offer but one I must decline. Mostly because, past
Korn shell, I avoid programming. :-)

That said, DXLab users aren't the only ones that would like to see
actual locations mapped to the correct TZ and there is an RFC covering
network distribution of this info:
(fairly new so not sure how much of the proposal has been turned into
working code).

Searching for "tzdist" on this page: lead me to
this list (scroll down) of network-based location-to-TZ services:

I make no representations or warranties whatsoever, and disclaim all
liability and responsibility for any representation, warranty,
statement, or information made or communicated (orally or in writing)
as to the suitability of this service in the DXLab Suite or any of its

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