Commander 12.6.5 Missing Devices


Hi Dave - I noticed this afternoon that the three devices that I had set up in Commander were missing.  I had to enable each one, enter the Device Name (it wasn't automatically restored when I loaded the backup file), and selected a data file from my backup.  All of the data appears to be in the tables for each device, each device is enabled, the labels for the devices are in Commander (ie. Band, Tune, Load), and the three devices are shown below the PTT box on Commander. The only problem I have is that the data isn't showing up in Commander.  I closed and restarted Commander, but the problem persists. I did not try rebooting the computer.

The only changes completed lately were upgrading to Pathfinder 5.1.3, I did close my WB2NVR log file, and opened WB2NVR_K2A log file, but didn't bother changing work spaces.

Any suggestions on how to get my data display back would be appreciated.  It's amazing how dependent we can become to having this information available.

Thanks in advance.



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