Re: LoTW download failure

CSM\(r\) Gary Huber - AB9M

It appears the IE settings were at fault as they were NOT as recommended as in <>, as after making the corrections and rebooting, LoTW downloads for QSO and QSL synchronization now work.

I know I did not change the IE settings. I have the DXLab Suite applications as "Trusted" in Kaspersky Application manager and update them in Kaspersky with each DXL update.

73 ES DX,
Gary - AB9M
On 4/10/2017 5:39 PM, GARY HUBER glhuber@... [dxlab] wrote:


I didn't make changes to Kaspersky, yet I'm getting error code

Common.GetFileFromURL failed: download failure, error code = -2146697208

where to look, been down this road before, yet I cannot find Dave's
instructions from the last three times.

73 ES DX,
Gary - AB9M

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