WW question

Anthony W. DePrato

when in rtty mode i run a copy of MMRTTY and 2TONE i tune in a rtty signal
with 2tone then click in the WW receiver window to line up the yellow
tuning bars on the sig peaks.. and everything works great. I run Kenwood
rigs 950's 870's on these radios when you hit the ant tuner button it
switches to CW for a few secs are the tuner kicks in. then switches back
to USB (i run USB and WW REV boxes checked on rtty) what happens then in
the WW window the Yellow tune bars will move to the center of the display
as in CW position.. and i have to move then back with the mouse to copy
rtty again. It is not a big deal but i am wondering if i am missing
something that would cause them to switch back to the rtty signal again
instead of having to move them back with the mouse.

73 Tony WA4JQS.

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