Re: DXKeeper 13.9.5 is available

eddy on5jk

I like to inform you about this upgrade.
This morning i downloaded and upgraded DXK to 13.9.5
AVG refused to open, considered the file as “very dangerous”.
A report was sent to their “antiviruslab” to examine.
So i went back to the path for 13.8.8. (Loading from Workspace saved a week ago had no effect).
Minutes later i received a message, saying the file was found to be safe indeed.
I will try again for 13.9.5 the next startup of my station.
Eddy ON5JK

From: ' Dave AA6YQ' aa6yq@... [dxlab]
Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2017 2:27 AM
To: dxlab@...
Subject: [dxlab] DXKeeper 13.9.5 is available

This release

- enables the Configuration window's Callbook tab's "Ignore geocoded grid squares" setting if "QRZ XML" or "QRZ via Pathfinder" is
used as the primary or secondary callbook (tnx to Joe W4TV)

- prevents an errorlog.txt file entry from being generated by WASModule.WASVerificationNeeded when marking as confirmed a QSO whose
mode does not "count" for WAS digital awards

- corrects a regression in the Capture window's tracking information on WinWarbler's "QSO Info" panel (tnx to Scott N9LJX)

- after processing a Check directive received from another application, properly sorts the Log Page Display (tnx to Ross KE4BCN and
Joe W4TV)

- when a needed mode is confirmed via LoTW or eQSL, reports the mode category [e.g. PSK] not the QSO's mode [e.g. PSK31] (tnx to
Scott N9LJX)

- when a needed PSK QSO is confirmed via LoTW, reports "PSK, DIGI" instead of "PSKDIGI" (tnx to Scott N9LJX)

- correctly computes the latitude of a myQTH when specified in decimal (tnx to Rob AE7AP)

- interprets K or KW in an imported RX_PWR field to mean 1000, and interprets QRP to mean 5 (tnx to Larry K8UT and Rich VE3KI)

- when the "Sync LotW QSLs" function determines that DXCC credit has been granted to a QSO, updates the logged QSO accordingly and
informs the user

- in the Capture window, Shift-Enter in the Call textbox, or Shift-Lookup, or Ctrl-Lookup clears the Capture window's Comment
textbox before initiating a lookup (tnx to John AC4CA)

- in the Filter panel on the Main window's "Log QSOs" tab, depressing the CTRL key while clicking the LoTW button sets each QSO's
Select item to 'Y' if it is not confirmed via LoTW, its LotW_Rcvd item is not set to 'X', and its QSO partner has not uploaded QSOs
to LoTW after the date of the QSO (tnx to Björn SM7IUN)

- stores eQSL username and nickname settings in each log file rather than in the Windows Registry (tnx to Gorm OZ6GH, Björn SM7IUN,
and Joe W4TV)

- stores LoTW username and "Station Location" settings in each log file rather than in the Windows Registry (tnx to Gorm OZ6GH,
Björn SM7IUN, and Joe W4TV)

- associates an eQSL password with each eQSL username, and an LoTW password with each LoTW username (tnx to Joe W4TV)

- denotes settings on the QSL Configuration window's eQSL and LoTW tabs that are stored in the current log file

- adds EO-88 to DefaultSatellites.txt (tnx to Mike K1MK)

- includes updates from ADIF version 3.0.5 (tnx to Graham G3ZOD)

*** adds CWOPS-CW-OPEN, HA-DX, and REP-PORTUGAL-DAY-HF to the contest selectors

*** changes the 60m entry in DefaultBands.txt to 60M, 5.06, 5.45

*** adds the following entries to DefaultModes.text
...... ARDOP, DXCC_RTTY, WAZ_Digital, WPX_Digital, WAS_Digital
...... MSK144, DXCC_RTTY, WAZ_Digital, WPX_Digital, WAS_Digital
...... QRA64, DXCC_RTTY, WAZ_Digital, WPX_Digital, WAS_Digital
...... QRA64A, DXCC_RTTY, WAZ_Digital, WPX_Digital, WAS_Digital
...... QRA64B, DXCC_RTTY, WAZ_Digital, WPX_Digital, WAS_Digital
...... QRA64C, DXCC_RTTY, WAZ_Digital, WPX_Digital, WAS_Digital
...... QRA64D, DXCC_RTTY, WAZ_Digital, WPX_Digital, WAS_Digital
...... QRA64E, DXCC_RTTY, WAZ_Digital, WPX_Digital, WAS_Digital
...... SIM31, DXCC_RTTY, WAZ_Digital, WPX_Digital, WAS_Digital

*** updates Austria's Primary Administrative Subdivisions
...... changes Bruck/Mur to Bruck-Mürzzuschlag (code BM unchanged)
...... adds Hartberg-Fürstenfeld (code HF)
...... adds Murtal (code MT)
...... adds Südoststeiermark (code SO)

- updates the FilterLog.htm, Items.htm, LogNewCapture.htm, MultipleQTHs.htm, Progress.htm, QSL.htm, QSLConfiguration.htm, and
Scripts.htm documentation files


1. If you have created a Satellites.txt, Bands.txt, or Modes.txt file, updating each with the above changes is your responsibility

2. Update your firewall and anti-malware applications to consider this new version of DXKeeper to be "safe"

3. If this upgrade doesn't work correctly, see the "After an Upgrade" section of

4. After upgrading, to revert to the previous version of DXKeeper, see

DXKeeper 13.9.5 is available via the DXLab Launcher and via


Dave, AA6YQ

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