Outgoing spot in SC

eddy on5jk

This morning i had two anomaly’s.
I will send you a screenshot from my other PC,( used only for the Suite).
I double-clicked first on a spot ON4ZB. Spotted on 7.051 KHz. All things where shown correctly. QRG shown in “outgoing spot” was indeed 7.051.
Then i double-clicked on a spot ON5SWA/P: Spotted and working on 3.652 KHz. I did work him on that frequency.
Then i’ve seen that the QRG shown in “outgoing spot” ws still 7.051 KHz. (From the previous QSO)
You do know that Murphy lives also under my roof.
What happened? First time i’ve ever seen this.
Second question: Whenever i click somewhere in DXK, with the intention to write or modify something in a box, i always have to be patient.
Everytime i click in a box, the annoying turning circle from Windows appears. Sometimes during several seconds.
I have to wait untill the turning circle dissapears, before i can put some notes in the box.
When i start typing before the circle stops turning, (windows busy?) the typed notes shows up in the filtertextbox of DXK.
Am i messing up some setting? Running WIN10 now on my new machine.
Is it a setting in Windows or a setting in DXK that i did set wrong?
Thanks again.
Eddy ON5JK

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