Re: So far so good

Ron Eberson <zx@...>

You meen a special button for this Richard that likes great not mistakes to
the put two buttons good idea.


-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: Richard B Drake []
Verzonden: vrijdag 20 april 2001 17:49
Aan: Dxlab
Onderwerp: [dxlab] So far so good


So far the new versions of DXKeeper and DXView are running
smoothly but we'll run them a little longer before giving a clean
bill of health :-) I like the new functionality. One thing, I
would like to see the Ctl+Enter logging function in the capture
window work with the cursor in any field instead of just the
callsign field. I often find my cursor in the Name or QTH fields
and my hands on the keyboard when I'm ready to log a contact.

73, Rich - W3ZJ

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