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I went through a similar process several years ago when updating my DXCC from the 107 mixed of 1996 to Honor Roll (currently 337/348 verified). I entered all the original 107 as verified plus the 225 (some with multiple QSOs) cards into DXKeeper plus log entries for unconfirmed (by card) QSOs in my log. I set everything to R for LOTW and uploaded and received LoTW confirmations for a lot of contacts over ten years old and a few more than 25 years old.

Secondly I submitted my QSLs and LoTW confirmations to Club Log and found it has a feature where your QSO partner shows you have unconfirmed QSOs. I found those in my logs, entered them in DXK with a R and uploaded to LoTW and received confirmations or I found the DX QSL info; some were OQRS or email to a manager and were to be had for $2.

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Gary - AB9M
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I am primarily a DXer and I am chasing DXCC Challenge, multiple Honor Roll awards and a few other awards.  After a QSO I make a judgement as to the best way to get a QSL from that contact.  After determining the most likely route to get a QSL, I’ll mark the Sent Via box appropriately.  Quite frankly, I can’t afford to QSL all the QSOs I have marked “D.” My current “D” queue of backlogged QSL is 84.  At about $4 to $5 per QSL that represents too large an expense to incur right now.

So when I do a QSL evaluation as to what cards to send out I’ll pick only a few that meet my current criteria.  I just recently when through and selected cards for my oldest CW QSOs in an attempt to push my CW DXCC totals over 300 and on the way toward CW Honor Roll.  If the D were erased for all the other QSOs I couldn’t repeat this type of search for increasing my 30 meter QSL count or perhaps my DIGITAL totals.  I also periodically filter and send QSLs for only USA managers as there isn’t much risk of mail theft.  All of these sorts leaves the remaining QSLs for another decision time when I have more discretional funds available.

Clearing the “D” on emptying the queue would not help me with my QSLing approach.


Dave w6de


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I have the QSL Config General Tab option set for "Add Needed sets Sent Via to 'D' (for Direct mail).


I occasionally do an Add Needed just to see what I might want to send out for cards. Sometimes I do all of them, sometimes not. When I don't do all of them I finish by doing a Clear.


When I do this I find that the "D" remains set in the QSOs which weren't processed.


It would be nice if the "Clear" reset the D.






jim ab3cv

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