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eddy on5jk

Thanks Dave and Joe for the answers.
I’l give it a try. (Low level knowledge abt Computers)
Meanwhile i found back my lost mail.
I classified it not in the folder “DXLab”, nor on the folder “Dave”.
Whit a little bit of shame: i classified it in my folder “FT-1000” and overlooked it.
Best 73
Eddy ON5JK

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>>>AA6YQ comments below

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Configure your Expert amplifier for control from an *Icom* transceiver, connect an Icom CT-17 or equivalent interface between COM2 and the Expert amplifier and use Commander's Secondary CAT Serial Port to drive the amplifier as documented in the DXLab Wiki article on "Controlling an Icom PW-1 Amplifier"

>>>A CT-17 is not required. Pin 10 of the Amp's 15-pin CAT connector expects a TTL-level CI-V bus connection.

>>>With my 2K-FA, I configure Commander's Secondary CAT Port and the Amp to use the Kenwood protocol, and connect pins 1 and 9 of the Amp's 15-pin CAT connector to the serial port's RX and TX signals. All of this is shown on pages 32 and 33 of the 2K-FA manual.


Dave, AA6YQ

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