Re: Compare WPX Verified in DXKeeper to actual Verified for WPX award

Tim N3XX

Just an update.... I used suggestions from both of you and generated the progress report containing Verified prefixes for WPX. I then imported that file into the WPX spreadsheet that I received from the WPX awards manager. That placed the prefix columns side by side in one file, and is was easy to page down through the file and identify the extra Verified prefixes that I had in DXKeeper.

All good now. Thanks for the help.

Tim - N3XX

On 2017-01-27 2:44 PM, n3xx@... [dxlab] wrote:

Thanks Dave, and also Mike-KB9BIB. When I receive the spreadsheet from
the WPX awards manager, I'll try the suggestions from both of you.

Tim - N3XX

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AA6YQ comments below
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Thanks for the answer Dave. I know what I have to do now. I'll get the
spreadsheet from him, then see if I can place it side by side with the
RAT window. Then I can scroll through both to identify any discrepancies.

If you filter the Log Page Display with

and then click the Progress button in the "CQ WPX" panel on the Main
window's "Check Progress" tab, DXKeeper will generate a progress report
with your 3539 verified WPX prefixes sorted in WPX order, and numbered.
Sort the spreadsheet in WPX order, and scan for WPX prefixes where there
is a discrepancy between the "number" in the DXKeeper-generated report
and the row number in the spreadsheet. Each time you find a missing
entry in the spreadsheet, insert an entry into the spreadsheet with the
prefix specified in red font; this will make it easier to locate
subsequent missing spreadsheet entries. When you're done, there should
be 13 rows in the spreadsheet with red WPX prefixes; those are the ones
erroneously shown as Verified in DXKeeper.


Dave, AA6YQ

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