Re: Compare WPX Verified in DXKeeper to actual Verified for WPX award

Tim N3XX

Thanks for the answer Dave. I know what I have to do now. I'll get the spreadsheet from him, then see if I can place it side by side with the RAT window. Then I can scroll through both to identify any discrepancies.

Tim - N3XX

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In DXKeeper I have 3539 verified for Mixed WPX. After my last
submission, my current Mixed WPX total from the award manager is 3526.
I would like to identify the 13 prefixes I have shown as verified in
DXKeeper that aren't actually verified with the WPX award manager. If I
have the WPX award manager send me a spreadsheet file showing all
verified prefixes, is there a quick way to compare it to my WPX verified
total in DXKeeper?

No, because there is there's no way to know beforehand what the
format of that spreadsheet will be, or whether the award manager would
use the exact same format next week in a spreadsheet for a different user.

If the WPX Manager creates a web service that reports WPX
verifications in a documented format, I will extend DXKeeper to provide
a function analogous to "DXCC Compare" that displays discrepancies
between logged QSOs and WPX credits.


Dave, AA6YQ

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