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I am new to the DX Marathon. I am working Mixed unlimited so I just need to work each country once on any band, any mode. Once I work a county on Phone on 15m for example, that should never show up as Needed again.

I was reading some emails about some issues others were having so I wanted to check if I should have each individual band checked or just check Mixed?

I ask as for example, I have worked South Africa this year but a ZS station still shows up in the Needed when I have Marathon checked. If I look at the Display Award Tracking I see under Marathon country: Republic of South (that is all that fits above the Marathon memo field but I see the whole thing above DXCC…

What I see under Marathon is
Mixed status: not worked, not sought
20m status: not worked, sought
Phone status: not worked, sought

I have a ZS contact on 20m SSB in my log in 2017. I would have expected this to not show up anymore as I already worked the county on this band and mode) but I would expect it to not show no matter what band or more I had previously worked the station.

Am I using this incorrectly?
No. Only check the band/mode options if you're considering a
single-band or single-mode entry.

See also

Be sure to recompute after changing your objectives, as noted at the
above URL...


~iain / N6ML

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