Re: DXV Enhancement - Display 60m Progress Table


..... I'd be completely satisfied with 60m Spots coming in in SC. Whatever I try, there ain't any ( European ) Spots. Even tried to adjust the subbands ( well, it obviously does not allow to define fractions of a khz) from 5351.5 to 5266.5. No luck anyway. See the spots coming in fromDB0SUE and a bunch of other spot sources, qbut none of them makes it to the SC Window.....

And quite frankly. A Band merely supposed to be a ressource for emergency communications should NOT be included in award programs leading to all that typical DX hunter behaviour. Not in a 15khz/9.xx WPEP segment. Would be desastrous for the external reputation of the amateur radio service.....

Thus, with all respect I'd wish the DXCC stays unchanged until amateur radio earns a nice 200-500 khz slate of the 5 Mhz band.

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