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QRZ and other sites were having issues the last couple of days.� The easiest way to check this is to go to their site direct and see if the response is good or bad.� Probably some ddos attacks on the site or the datacenter they use.

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>>>Comments below

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I just started getting the not logged into QRZ message yesterday and have had it about 6 times today. What is the fix for this?

>>>You don't say which DXLab application reported this. I checked out DXKeeper via QRZ XML, DXKeeper via Pathfinder, and
Pathfinder's QRZ search: all work correctly from here. Thus I can only assume that has not altered its XML protocol or its
web page in a way that "breaks" DXLab applications, as such alterations would cause malfunctions for every user. Any difficulties
being experienced in accessing are thus likely regional or local.

>>>If the above explanation is insufficient, I suggest that you contact the management of .


Dave, AA6YQ

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