Invalid Port Error (8002) error

Bart AA7VA

While fiddling with Spot Collector to see how to see what I want to see, my Rig Control via Commander quit working - so I shut Commander down and restarted it. Restart gives the "unable to open Com3" (the correct Com port on my system) again and so a web search shows that error 8002 means something is messed up in some registry and reloading the software tends to fix it. So, I reloaded with the same result, restarted the computer and same result.  Reinstalled Commander, same result. Re-seated connection cable to radio, same result. 
Should I uninstall Commander, then reinstall?

There was a notice that a couple programs were auto updated recently, but I don't remember which ones - likely a windows thing or virus database.  Full scan with Virus and anti-malware programs shows nothing infected.  Full scan with ASC10 shows no problems.  Tried to move to another port, no different, reset to original again. 
Port assignment is Primary CAT port is number 3, settings 38400,N,8,1 - as it should be and has been for the year plus I have used DXLabs suite.

Com0Com shows it is functioning and HDSDR does communicate with Commander correctly in both directions, but neither one will communicate with the radio  (FT450D).

So - what could I have messed up, and how do I fix it?

Win 10, newest build - all DXLabs programs newest available and worked great a bit earlier.

Bart Van Allen

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