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Works flawlessly here. With both the 991 in the local club as with the 991A I own as an early christmas present. (Remember: The one who ends up with the largest collection of toys will win...)
Be sure to use the 1st (lower in the assigned number) of the two serial interfaces the 991(A) creates as soon as you connect it via USB. The second com interface seems to be reserved for system purposes such as Software updates and maybe GPS. Not sure.

Set the cat rate in the 991 to a reasonable low speed first (i.e 19200). Actually I'm
'syncing' ic-7600 and ft-991a or ft-991a and kx3 or kx3 and k2 (probably ANY combination of those machines just by defining the primary and secondary cat in Commander accordingly. No matter if the Cat line is a virtual one provided by microham devices or an usb or emulated usb to serial line. No physical rs232 any more in this Shack.

regards/Aloha/73, Peter DK5DC

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